137 Martyrs 9-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria today has reached 137 so far including 11 children. 110 martyrs in the Affected city of Homs, 8 in Idlib” Jabal Zaiweh and Maarat Al-Noman” 15 in Damascus suburbs (Madaya and Zabadany), 2 from Ain Al-Arab (Kobany) in Aleppo and one in Lattakia. These numbers were reported by activists and doctors in the fields in the
diefferent areas. We are not able to document the names of martyrs due to the intense shelling

Damascus suburbs
Several tanks stationed at the outskirts of the city on new Corniche Street near Daraya-Moaudamyeh checkpoint amid
flight of military helicopter over the city

Six martyrs so far, including a child, due to heavy and concentrated shelling by regime forces on the town. The martyrs are: Ibrahim Al-Qudsy, Asaad Ali Hamada, Rashar Abdo Al-Abda, Ahmad Abdo Asaad, Taiseer Hosain Mahmoud, and the child Mohammad Fayez Akasha (3 years old)

Damascsu : Demo in Barza Nieghbourhood

Hama: Demo in Tebet Imam

Bullets marks on the wall of several mosques in Maret Noman

Daraa: Demo in Yadouda in solidarity with Homs and Damascus Suburb

Raqqa: Demo in Mashlab

Idlib: A group of soldiers defected and joined the Free Syrian Army

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