30 Martyrs 13-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
As of this moment, The number of martyrs in Syria has reached 30 including 4 children and one defected soldier, 11 of the martyrs fell in Homs, 9 in Idlib, 4 in Damascus, three in Daraa, 2 in Aleppo and one in Salamiyeh in Hama

security forces and Shabiha (Armed thugs) are conducting an invasion campaign and burning some shops and private property of citizens in the town. Military aircrafts are doing a low-altitude fly-by’s above the town

All roads leading to the building of the Political Security branch have been blocked amid heavy deployment of armed security agents

Damascus Subrubs
news of the defection of three soldiers at the Ghubair mosque checkpoint near the western entrance to Arbeen. Security forces are now invading homes in the area close to the checkpoint

Regime forces stormed a number of houses this morning, occupying some and arresting dozens of youths. There is heavy and widespread security in most areas of the city and the eastern area. Security forces have also surrounded and entered the National Hospital, which houses western organizations and the Dar Al-Hamraa. Many neighborhoods are now completely sealed, and some have been converted into military barracks. There are approximately 15 Zill personnel carriers, 5 armored vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and a number of BMPs. There are T-72 and Shilka tanks stationed at the local stadium. Columns of smoke are rising from the farmlands in the area. Explosions and gunfire from heavy and mid-sized weapons have been reported, and all communications and Internet service have been cut off

Bosr Al-Harir
he child Mustafa Ahmad Al-Ameir Al- Hariri (15 years) was martyred after a military vehicle full of Army and security operatives opened fire indiscriminately at passers-by

Night demo in Aleppo way neighborhood in Hama

Night demo in Deir Ezzor

Night demo in Beyela in Damascus Suburbs

Night demo in Dumair in Damascus Suburbs

Dier Ezzor: night demo in Tayyana

Idlib: The martyr Qaisar Sagheer

Damascus Suburb: Night Demo in Douma


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