49 Martyrs 14-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees
The number of martyrs has risen to 49 thus far, including 3 defected soldiers (Damascus Suburbs) and 3 women. The remainder include, 11 in Idlib, 10 in Aleppo, 9 in Homs, 4 in Daraa, 4 in Deir Ezzor, 3 in Hama, 6 in Damascus Suburbs, 1 in Lattakia, and 1 in Damascus.

The regime’s army shells Daraa Balad in an intense manner and a complete power disruption in the town

An evening demonstration with 200 youths started in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities; participants demanded to topple the regime.

Deir Ezzor
Regime’s forces open fire from BMB and heavy machine guns in the district and Dahiya area

Hama: One of the children who was injured in the war the regime has waged

The regime’s army shells Idlib

Daraa: Tayba: Intense and indiscriminate gunfire at homes

Idlib: Night Demo in Zardana

Idlib: Evening Demo in Bsaqla

Homs: An evening demonstration started in al-Khaledieh despite the ongoing shelling by the regime’s forces

Damascus Suburbs: Massive Evening Demonstration in Douma

Aleppo: Evening Demonstration in Dar Aazzeh

Daraa: Night Demo in Kherbet Ghazalah

Night Demo in Izzaz in Aleppo

Damascus: Night Demo in Hajar Aswad

Hama: Shelling of Baraa hospital in Aleppo Road neighborhood by regime forces

Idlib: Night Demo in Jisr Shoghour

Daraa: Regime’s forces storm Attiba village

Demo in Miaden in Dier Ezzor

Aleppo: Demo in Anadan

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