More Killing 15-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of today’s martyrs in Syria has risen to 25, among them two children and one defected soldier. 11 martyrs fell in Idlib, 4 fell in Homs,3 martyrs in Daraa,2 in each of Hama,Damascus Suburbs and Hasakeh and 1 in Aleppo

Intense shooting from Kafar Ayn security checkpoint from Shilka anti-aircraft systems and from heavy machine guns towards the town

Taremsieh: Ali Younes Al-Ahmad, and Alaa Mohammad Easawieh were martyred from random shooting by security forces in the town

Violent shelling on Old Homs, where more than 23 mortar shells and 17 RBG shells in addition to nail bombs fell, along with heavy shooting from heavy weapons and escalation of smoke columns from the city. This is in conjunction with cut of communications, electricity, and water, and heavy deployment of security checkpoints, which imposes a suffocating curfew on the city

Idlib: Hass: Cynical video shows The Free Syrian Army using Israeli weapons

Students’ Demo in Kiswa in Damascus Suburb

A students demonstration near Hassan mosque in Midan in Damascus

Hama: Demo in Tebet Imam

Homs: Demo in Hawlah

Homs: Baba Amro: The Regime’s Army are Shelling Abed Allah Bin Zebeir Mosque

Idlib: Mourning the Martyr Ziad Maari in Areeha

Damascus: Women’s Demo in Mazzah Neighborhood

Hama: The residents of Hamediyeh neighborhood are fleeing to other areas due to the intense shelling at the neighborhood

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