Syria Today 17-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs has risen to 39, including 12 defected soldiers executed on the site in Jassem (Daraa). The rest of the distributions are as follows: 15 in Daraa (Jassem, Hara), 4 in Homs, 5 in Mezze (Damascus),3 in Deir Ezzor, 3 in Aleppo, 3 in Hama, , and 3 in Damascus Suburbs (Yabrood, Douma)

Snipers are widespread on the rooftop of Jamaaiyeh Hospital’s, near Radwan Mosque. Security forces are roaming in electric service vehicles near the Banyas refinery and unlawfully detaining demonstrators.

Daraa: Jassem
Security forces homes and arrested dozens of civilians near the security checkpoint where the 12 soldiers defected and were executed on site.

Alaa Abed al-Karim Dakhel Allah, Ahmed Jalab Diab, and Ahmed Shalish were all martyrd by security forces’ bullets.

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya
Mohammed Khaled, Mohammed Hussien, and Mohammed Moustafa were martyred by security forces’ bullets in Rouje Village.

Martyr Farouk Hafal from Deir

Aleppo: Demo in Anadan

Amodua Demo

Massive demo in Ghoeran,Hasakeh

Massive demo in Daraya

shooting at the protesters in Mustafa mosque in Mazeh,Damascus

Demo in Derbasieh

Idlib: Demo in Binnish Today

Damascus Suburb: Massive Demo in Douma

Demo in Qamishli Today

Idlib: Demo in Maart Misren

Idlib: Sarmada: A Women’s Demo for the First Time in the Town

Idlib: Demo in Basheriah Village

Massive demo in Ataman

Massive demo in Daeel

Idlib: Massive Demo in Sarmada

Hasskeh: Draibek: Funeral Procession for the Martyr Shafkar Ali

Aleppo: Demo in Dar Azzah

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