23 Martyrs 19-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria until the moment reached twenty-three including two women, 9 martyrs in Idlib, 10 martyrs in Homs and a martyr in each of Deir Ezzor, Hama, Daraa and Damascus Suburbs (Alsaboura)

Tal Shihab
Security and military forces enhance their presence in the vicinity and some areas of the city amid reports about the intention of storming the city tomorrow

An evening demonstration in Aljazmatiya market near the Criminal Security branch in solidarity with Mazzeh, and other rebellious districts of Damascus in addition to Homs, Alatareb and other disaster-stricken cities

Damascus Suburbs
An evening demonstration started in solidarity with Damascus, Homs and the rest of the besieged cities; protesters are calling for toppling the regime and prosecuting the dictator and his regime

Deir Ezzor
Security forces gunfire intensively the demonstrators in the neighborhood of Hamidiya
Damascus Suburbs
Regime’s security forces turn the (Applied School) into a military barrack and security preparations near the checkpoints to avoid the calls to the Civil Disobedience

security forces are conducting an invasion and detention campaign since today’s noon in the Fardos neighbourhood among a dense security presence. They surrounded the justice palace after calls by activists under the name “we want our detainees”

Today detainee Hamad Al-Tawil was transferred to the military hospital in Sweida, after his health deteriorated as a result of his hunger strike, ongoing since last Thursday. He had been arrested for the second time at the entrance to the courthouse and transferred to military security despite the judge’s ruling to release him. It is important to note that other detainees (Mulham Al-Abaza, Khaled Abboud, Majd aeed, and Jibran Murad) are also on a hunger strike and in deteriorating health, particularly because they continue to be beaten while in detention

Local residents are fully observing the call for civil disobedience in the neighborhoods of Jobar, Assali, Qaboun, Kadam, and Barzeh. The call is being heeded, but to a lesser degree, in the neighborhoods of Kafar Souseh, Mazzeh-Sheikh Saad, and old Mazzeh. Civil disobedience is also taking place in the towns and cities of the Damascus Suburbs.

This civil disobedience was called for in accordance with the demands of the Revolution, in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities, and in honor of the martyrs who died as a result of security forces’ gunfire in the capital, Damascus

Deir Ezzor
The regime’s security forces arrested a number of students from the private Jazeera University who were on a students’ bus; the bus had been stopped for inspection at the checkpoint at the Faculty of Law

Old Mazzeh
security forces raid a house in the northern street and arrest a young man. Women of the neighborhood gather in order to prevent his arrest which leads security forces to shoot in the air in order to disperse them

The regime’s security forces have forbidden a funeral for martyr Samer Al-Khatib, who was shot yesterday by security forces as he was marching in a funeral for local martyrs. His family was forced to mourn him amid threats, pressure, and a heavy security encirclement. In addition, there is widespread security presence, for the first time, along the Mazzeh highway as a means of terrorizing residents and preventing them from demonstrating or engaging in other revolution-related activities

Jisr Alshghour
the regime’s army is surrounding all the villages close to the Turkish borders, deploying checkpoints on their outskirts, and conducting a random detention campaign. This happened after some families tried to flee from the western suburbs of the city because of fears of a new military operation in the area after security forces threatened the people to stop demonstrating entirely, knowing that the numbers are not very big compared to the demonstrations which continued in the city for months.

Tanks and snipers deploy in Atareb, Aleppo

Massive demo in Herak town in Daraa

Morning demo in Tayanah in Deir Ezzor

Bread Crisis in Maaret Nouman in Idlib

Student’s demo in Jisr Shoghour

Massive demo in Qameshlo

Someone being shot in the neck in Qusair

Night demo in Bab Qebly in Hama

Night demo in Qosor neighborhood in Homs

Damascus Suburb: Night Demo in Daraya

Student’s demo in Qedsaya

Night demo in Daraya

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