Syria This evening 20-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of Syrian martyrs today has risen to 18 martyrs.13 in in Homs, 2 martyrs in Hama A martyr in each of Hassakeh, Idlib, and Douma in Damascus Suburbs

An entire family of four, 3 women and a man, called the Jeniyat were martyred after targeting their home with two artillery shells in Malaab Baladi neighborhood near the Shoes Factory

Heavy deployment of fully equipped regime security and army forces on foot on the international, high-speed highway from Jisr Al-Basia to Jisr Al-Marqab

Damascus Suburbs
Hundreds set out in a demonstration in objection to the horrible living situations and bad treatment; protesters were from different age groups and sects

Yarmouk Camp
An evening demonstration set out the camp chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded toppling of the regime

Kafar Sousah
Security forces and Shabiha fires live bullets to disperse a demonstration that began in the neighborhood behind Sham Center and waging a campaign of arrests evacuated approximately 22 youth

A demonstration set out little while ago in the neighborhood chants for Zabadany, Madaya and the Free Syrian Army

Sounds of gun fire on Basiya Bridge amid heavy security deployment on the highway

Regime’s security forces shoots with live bullets to disperse a demonstration mocking the regime which was launched in the city little while ago

Demo in Tahrir Sq. in Baghdad St. in the Middle of the Capital Damascus

Dier Ezzor: Night Demo in Buqros

Daraa: Harra: Military Vehicles Raiding the City

Aleppo: Demo in Ibben

Aleppo University: Thugs Attacking the Demo

Authorities Opened The Rastan Dam to Overflow the Farms in Hama

Damascus: Demo in Jorah Nieghbourhood in Solidarity with Mazzah

Demo in Antariah Nieghbourhood in Qamishli

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