Syria Today 22-2-2012

Local Coordinating Committees in Syria
The number of martyrs in Syria today has risen to 35 thus far, among them 1 French journalist, 1 American journalist, and a Kurdish leader. 20 martyrs in Homs,8 in Hama, 2 from Khan Shiekoun in Idlib,2 in Harasta in Damascus Suburbs,2 in Aleppo and one in Daraa

Violent shelling with mortar shells, rocket shells, and heavy machine guns on the city

A demonstration started in Bahsa area in the center of the capital, and security forces and Shabiha are attacking the demonstrators

Aleppo University
A demonstration started from the Agricultural Engineering and headed towards the Pharmacy School ; participants chanted for the regime’s ouster.

Tear gas canisters were launched to disperse students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering who had attempted to demonstrate, and regime forces and Shabiha chased students and pedestrians on the road to the university and Meridien neighborhood and performed arbitrary arrests

Heavy gunfire coming from the Ba’ath Party Headquarters targeting a student demonstration that is headed from the Science Department to the University courtyard.

Aleppo University
One of the students was martyred from shooting by security forces and Shabiha on a demonstration in front of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Maaret Al-Nouman
Two nail bombs fell near Al-Rahman mosque and this vicinity of the Municipal Stadium, in conjunction with heavy shooting
Khan Sheikhoun
Mohammad Fajr Islam and Khalil Kurdi were martyred, and two civilians were injured during the shelling of the city

Basr Hareer
Sounds of artillery fire heard and heavy smoke seen north and west of the town

Shelling via mortar bombs Karm Alzaitoun neighborhood and destroying a house without causing injuries

Tal Kalakh
Intense sounds of gunfire by medium and heavy weaponry are heard near the highway in the town.

Campaign of arrests and raids affecting dozens

Violent raids and destruction of house doors as checkpoints are erected at neighborhood entrances

Damascus Suburbs
A security checkpoint was erected in from of Shukran Pool. Regime forces are inspecting all passersby and raiding homes in the area.

Deir Ezzor
Camapaign of raids in the town amid a campaign of destruction and looting of private property

Security forces and Shabiha storm Hal Market, destroying its contents, and detaining most of its workerS

Deir Ezzor
Intense gunfire near the the Baath Party building of the city

Damascus Suburbs
Security forces and Shabiha wage raid and search operations accompanied by vehicles equipped with machine guns in the Gharbi (western) and old neighborhoods

Three tanks have entered the city from the eastern entrance. The sounds of explosions in Basar Hareer is heard in the town of Hirak

Massive presence of security forces in the villages square and near the school to prevent a student demonstration

Damascus Suburbs
Violent clashes between soldiers who defected from the regime’s army supported by agents of the Free Syrian Army, and regime forces

Extensive security deployment along the Jala’a street from the Municipality building to the Shuhada (Martyrs) Mosque

Large military reinforcements arrived to the vicinity of the city, and rocket launchers and a large number of tanks stationed there. Residents fear of shelling the city after besieging it

Rifaat Yonus Al-Taleb Al-Zoobi was martyred after he was shot by security forces yesterday while returning form Damascus city. His corpse is still at Izaraa Hospital since security members refused to give it to his relatives unless they signed that he was killed by the armed militias

Military reinforcements fully-equipped with heavy machine-guns arrived to the middle of the city after the ativicts’ calls to massive demonstrations in the city tomorrow

Kafar Al-Ton
Intense artillery shelling at the town after security forces evacuated all Assad’s proponents out of the town which led to blocking the main Hama-Mahardeh road

Security forces are calling out in microphones for the residents of the town that is adjacent to Baba Amr neighborhood to stay in their homes and not going out. They have also arrested many of the residents amid the continued blocking of water and food for 5 consecutive days. Security forces confiscated many homes as well

Aleppo University
Four students were injured by security forces’ gunfire and new reinforcements of security members and thugs arrived to the University’s campus. The roads leading to the university’s square were blocked and many students are besieged in their colleges. Also, several students were arrested of whom we knew: Luqman Alkhaldo and Baran Salah Eddein from the Civil Engineering College

Aleppo lawyers have camped outside the Attorney General’s office and are filing complaints with regards to the human rights violations and attacks inflicted by the regime’s shabiha on Aleppo University Students

Intense shooting from heavy weaponry in the town’s vicinity

Basr Al-Hareer
Political Security elements raided the home’s of the two sibling Dr. Ahmad Qassem Al-Hariri and Dr. Adeeb Qassem Al-Hariri and arrested them. They have looted the properties of their homes and destroyed what were left and also shot their cars

Taybat Al-Emam: An artillery shell from a military checkpoint targeted the city and did not explode

Army and security deployment in Jobar,Damascus

Morning demo in KafarNabodah in Hama

The Revolution in Jisr Al-Shatta in the Mouhajrin Area in Damascus

Morning demo in Jeser Shoghour

Funeral of the martyr Mohamad Hijazy in Qosor,Homs

Student’s demo in Lattamnah, Hama

Tanks invade the Herak town in Daraa

Army and security deployment in Jobar,Damascus

Demonstration at the Faculty of Informatics in Aleppo University

Homs: Baba Amr- 19th Consecutive day of Shelling

Idlib: Demo in Hass

Homs: Rastan: Injuries as a Result of the Regime’s Army Shelling at the City

Demo in Amouda

Daraa: Harak: Regime Forces Storming the Town and Firing Randomly

Funeral of the martyr Mohamad Hijazy in Qosor,Homs

Hasakah: Demo in Raas Eien

Homs: Rescuing a Family After Pulling Them Out from Underneath the Remains of a Home in Rastan

Idlib: Mourning the Martyr Issa Mulhem in Maart Numan

Shelling Baba Amro Contimues

Damascus: Nahr Aisha: Hosting the Independence flag on Damascus-Aleppo highway

Homs: A Civilian’s Home Burning in the Enshaat Neighborhood as a Result of an Artillery Rocket

A Student Demonstration Started form Jawdat Al-Hashimi School in the Tajheez Area in the Middle of Damascus City

Damascus: Students’ Demo in Halbooni

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