Syria Today 3-3-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in SyriaThe number of martyrs in Syria has reached 80 thus far: 56 in Idlib, among them 47 soldiers where were executed in the Abou Zahour military airport, 8 in the Damascus Suburbs (Deir Al-Asafir, Qudsaya,Daraya); 7 martyrs in Homs; 4 martyrs in Hama; 4 martyrs in Daraa; and 1 martyr in Deir Ezzor

Freedom days, civil disobedience, dignity strike, and the Local Coordination Committees call on Syrians to strike, and boycott all products that support the regime. Your blood is more valuable than any product

Idlib: Harbnoush: Moustafa Mohammed Jamoush was martyred when security forces backed with tanks raided the city amid random and intense gunfire.

Hama: Sounds of shooting are heard in the neighborhoods of Aleppo Road and Qusoor

Homs: Several injuries have been recorded when a nail-bomb targeted the Bayada neighborhoodBanyas: Sound of a strong explosion is heard in Al-Marah area followed by sporadic shooting, and arrival of security reinforcements to the area.

Banyas: A heavy explosion shook a military area near the village of Basateen Islam following intense gunfireDaraa: Basr Al-Harir: Heavy gunfire from heavy weapons is coming from the regime’s army checkpoints in the town

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Al-Asafir: The number of martyrs from the town has risen to three and regime forces kidnapped the corpses of two of the martyrsDeir Al-Asafir: Mahmoud Mar’ie and Saad Al-Deen Al-Khatib from the village of Ghazlanieh were martyred by security forces’ gunfireHama: Asharana Village: Regime forces and shabiha raided the village and doncucted a random arrest campaign and set fire to activists’ houses. There are reports that dozens have been wounded and a child was martyred

Idlib: Badama: Regime forces are raiding the town amid heavy gunfire and a random arrest campaign

Hama: Tarsimieh: The regime’s forces are shelling the town from all directions led to destroying many houses and injured several people

Homs: Powerful explosions shook al-Khaledieh neighborhood.

Aleppo: Atareb: Regime forces are shelling the city intenesly.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsieh: The main square was raided by security forces followed by gunfire and the closure of Bait Taljeh neighborhood. Random arrests were conducted by the regime’s forces.

Funeral of the martyr Bilal Nasour in Jableh

Marks of Shelling on one of the Houses in Karnaz in Hama

Demo in Ghoyeran in Hasakeh

One of the wounded in Karnaz town due to the random shelling

Funeral of the martyr Ahmad Jolaq in Kafromah

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