Syria Today 5-3-2012

Aleppo: Dabiq: A massive demonstration set out in solidarity with Aleppo Suburbs, Homs and the disaster-stricken cities

Daraa: The independence flag was hoisted on the building of the private Yarmouk University

Idlib: Kafarbatick: Abdul-Jabbar Barhoum (17 years), was martyred by security forces and army near the oil factory in Saraqib on his way to the field with his family

Aleppo: Bab: Two students demonstration set out and students chanted for disaster-stricken cities and toppling of the regime

Daraa: Harra: Bilal Muneer Al-Waked (22 year-old) has been detained after he was brutally beaten and assaulted by security forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Renewed shelling of the city and storming thereof using tanks and Shabiha. Communications are entirely cut off in the city

Daraa: Mleiha Sharqieh: Shaher Hassan Abdallah, 50, was martyred this morning after being tortured by security forces and Shabiha

Daraa: Khaldoun Khalifeh was martyred in the neighborhood of Qosour by stray bullets during the regime’s army’s attack on the neighborhood in the middle of the night

Homs: There regime’s army stormed the neighborhood of Jobar and waged a campaign arrests and raids and moves the detainees to the Consumer Establishment in the neighborhood

Aleppo: Tal Rafaat: Shabiha operatives fired randomly at a group of young men who were returning from work; this resulted in the

martyrdom of Omar Seif Al-Deen Al-Daj and the injury of three others

Damascus: Wadi Mashare’: Zorava: Raids and arrests including physical assaults carried out by the branch of military security forces included

21 people, three from one family. Among the detainees: Shabal Tamir Yacob, who is the son of the Kurdish militant Tamir Yacob, Jwan

Khalid, Samir Khalid, Jikrkouhin Khalid, and their father Abu Samir, Shoresh Khalid, Abu Dalil and two of his children (PKK) and one woman who has not been identified yet

Damascus Suburbs: Daria: Security forces and Shabiha stormed Martyr Yamam Al-Ahmar (economic) School and violently beat students as were subjected to verbal harassment

Aleppo University: Security reinforcements entered the campus after an anti-regime demonstration began in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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