A Massacre in Hama, A Day After the Observers’ Visit 23-4-2012

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria:
The number of martyrs thus far today has risen to 80, including 11 martyrs who were executed, an entire family, 4 defected soldiers, and 2 martyrs who were tortured to death. 50 martyrs were reported in Hama; 21 in Idlib, among them 13 in Jarjanaz alone; 5 in Daraa; 3 in Homs; and 1 in Deir Ezzor

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: An evening demonstration started in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand the regime’s ouster

Damascus: Rukn Eddine: Evening protesters in the Harra Jadida set out chanting for the regime’s ouster
Hama: Defected Private Mohamad Zaki Fahd Al-Manini Al-Shami was martyred due to field execution by regime forces after he was arrested. His corpse was thrown near the local slaughterhouse along Ein Road

Deir Ezzor: A nighttime demonstration started in the Joura district to chant in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities

Idlib: Jarjanaz: A new massacre was committed by the regime towards civilians demanding freedom, in conjunction with the presence of international observers in Syria. 13 martyrs fell, including an entire family, and several wounded in the town after a tank shell fell on one of the houses in the eastern neighborhood.The corpses were significantly damaged and could not be easily identified. Their names are: Aisha Al-Salom, Rabee Al-Salom, Kenana Al-Salom, Suha Al-Salom, Waheda Al-Salom, Mahmoud Al-Salom, Mohannad Al-Saloum, Rajaa Al-Salom, Amal Al-Shahoud, Hosam Al-Salo, Naheda Al-Derbas, Hamdo Al-Derbas, and child Yousef Al-Deghem

Hama: The regime committed a new massacre in Mashaa Al-Arbaeen neighborhood, where they violated all human right. Security forces and regime’s army shot dead 11 people, their names are: Turky Barghash, Asem, Qasqas, Esan Kheiro Arman, Ibrahim Mohey Edden Dahna, Reyad Mohey Edden Dahna, Ahmad Al-Ali, Mohammad Al-Tabl, Ali Zeno, Abdul Samad Dabory, Mohammad Ewad Al-Ahmad, and Ahmad Al-Masry. Many martyrs who fell from the random shelling should be added to this list. This comes after the approval of the Syrian regime on stopping the gunfire and withdraw military vehicles from the cities, and a day after the international observers visited Hama

Deir Ezzor: Myadein: Security alert around the city and especially in the area surrounding Hosain mosque and Al-Baeen street

Daraa: Sanmeen: Zakaria Al-Jaydouri, Yaacoub Al-Alloush, and Shadi Al-Jumaa were arrested by regime forces at the Jabab checkpoint during the regime’s raid and arrest campaign

Hama: Helfaya: A massive demonstration started in solidarity with disaster-stricken Hama, and the other cities, and to demand the toppling the regime

Daraa: Sahm: An unidentified corpse was found near Sahm Golan Eastern School, the corpse is believed to be from Nafaa village

Damascus: Jobar: Evening demonstration marched from Huzaifa Bin Alyaman mosque chanting to overthrow the regime

Aleppo: Evening demonstration started at the village of Batabo with chants for the disaster-stricken cities

Aleppo: Evening demonstration started at Masaken Hanano with chants for the regime’s ouster

Damascus: Dummar project: Youth of revolution blocked the ways to National Palace from the direction of Dummar Project area with burning objects in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities

Hama: Heavy gunfire in each of Dabagha, Andalus, Janoub Al-Malaab, Tareeq Halab, Qalaa, Sabouneye neighbothoods, and Assi square, Feilat roundabout, and Wadi Al-Jouz checkpoint, in addition to gunfire by snipers stationed on the roofs of the buildings in Alamain street. Explosions in Qusour neighborhood and Al-Harash roundabout were heard

Evening demonstration in Halfaya, Hama suburbs

Evening Demonstration in Nemr Town, Daraa

Evening Demonstration in Daraa Almahatta, Sad Road

Sounds of Bombing at Tarik Halab neighborhood, Hama

Evening Demonstration in Qaboun neighborhood, Damascus

Evening Demonstration in Maarrat Noman Chanting for Freedom

Evening Demonstration in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs, to Chant for Freedom

Evening Demonstration in Khirbet Ghazaleh in Daraa

Hama: Shabiha Deploy at the Arba’een Roundabout

UN Observers in the Hamidieh District in Homs

Evening Demonstration in the Hanano District in Aleppo

Evening Demonstration in the Bab Qabli District in Hama

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batna: Regime forces fired on residents to terrorize them after an evening demonstration

Evening Demonstration in Bazaa City in Aleppo To Chant For Freedom

Evening Demonstration in Qamishly; Protesters Chant for the Disaster-Stricken Cities

Demonstration in Daraa Al-Balad To Demand The Regime’s Ouster

Evening Demonstration in the Jabila District in Deir Ezzor

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