Saturday Ended with a Total of 140 Martyrs

Local Coordination Committees
Saturday ended with a total of 140 martyrs, among them 18 defectors, 11 children, and 6 women. Of the martyrs, there were 35 in Homs, 31 in Damascus and Damascus Suburbs, 22 in Idlib, 18 in Aleppo, 13 in Daraa, 11 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Hama, and one martyr in each of Hasaka and Lattakia

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: Heavy shelling was reported in the city, and more than 30 shells have fallen thus far

Daraa: Daeel: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime army accompanied by intense shelling of the city

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army were reported along the perimeter of the Officers’ Club.

Damascus: The regime army distributes flyers to evacuate the neighborhoods of Hajar Aswad and Rikn El-Deen, threatening with shelling.

Daraa: Hirak: A violent artillery shelling with missiles of new modern type that can destroy within 200 meters from its hit point

Jabla: A huge explosion shakes the city from all sides

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Fierce shelling on the city with mortar and heavy artillery and on the residents’ houses, fires started in the city and reports about wounded civilians

Damascus Suburbs: Babila: Huge fire started at the gate of the base of battalion 666, Electricity power cut has occurred after fierce claches between FSA and the regime forces

Homs: Krak des Chavalier: Fierce shelling in Turkman neighborhood using artillery and tanks stationed in Masyadeh village was reported in addition to clashes with regime’s shabiha at Awaja roundabout

Damascus: Shaghour: Regime’s army breaks into Bustan Aldwor neighborhood amid intensive gunfire and launchs raids and arbitrary arrests

Aleppo: Kafar Halab: Fierce shelling at the town abd several shells have fallen at the civilians’ homes

Deir Ezzor: Several shells fell on Hamidiye neighborhood

Raqqa: Division 17 storm the city and besiege all the mosques, neighbourhoods and main streets in the city

Raqqa: Regime forces are firing and launching tear gas grenades to disperse a demonstration, which started from Othman Bin Affan mosque to demand the toppling of the regime

Damascus Suburbs: Bebila: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime’s army are taking place near Baraa mosque

Raqqa: Tabaqa: Clashes between the FSA and the regime forces due to targetting the checkpoint of Aviation security and the regime forces at the city enterance

Damascus Suburbs: Hameh: Gunfire from heavy and light machine guns resumed from Rahbeh towards Khabory neighborhood

Women of Jableh Celebrating in Ramadan

Shelling at Taseel, Daraa

Evening demonstration in al Jine in Aleppo

Evening Demonstration Started from Othman Bin Affan Mosque in Raqqa

Demonstration in Raml Janoubi, Lattakia

Evening demonstration in Tabaqa City in Raqqa

Demonstration in Zetan Village, Aleppo

Evening Demonstration in Nabik in Damascus Suburbs

Evening Demonstration in Qameshli

Evening Demonstration in Miadin in Deir Ezzor

A Demonstration in Saliba, Lattakia

Aftermath of Shelling in Intilaq Street in Deir Ezzor

Tanks Shelling the Neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor

Smoke Rises Due to Shelling at Deir Ezzor

Demonstration in The Central Market in Qamishli

Aftermath of Indiscriminate Shelling Targeting Qaboun, Damascus

Gunfire at a Demonstration from the Beraqdar Mosque in Lattakia

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