From Syria 25-7-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria:

The number of martyrs has risen to 129 so far among them 10 children, 2 women, and 2 died under torture, 27 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs, (most of them were killed in the massacre of Qaboun neighbourhood, their bodies were discovered today), 22 in Aleppo, 21 in Homs, 15 in Hasakeh, 12 in Hama, 12 in Idlib, 11 in Deir Ezzor and 9 martyrs in Daraa

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Several were wounded and many houses were destroyed due to the heavy aritillery shelling of the city

Qamishli: Reports about huge explosion that shook the International Airport area

Idlib: Kafr Rouma: Amin Abro, son of Radwan Al-Salmo and one unidentified person were martyred and several were wounded during the continuous shelling of the city, residents cannot reach the corpses and the wounded due to the intense ongoing shelling

Homs: Qalat Al-Hosn: Heavy artillery shelling is reported in the neighborhoods of the city from Mesieda village

Daraa: Tseel: Heavy artillery shelling is reported in the city which could be heard in neighboring villages, residents are in a state of panic

Daraa: Sheikh Maskeen: Clashes between the FSA and the regime’s army is reported in the city, in addition, shells were fired from combat vehicles towards residential houses

Homs: Rastan: Two were martyred and tens were injured in the renewed shelling of the city with aircraft and rocket launchers, several homes were destroyed as a result and a complete lack of all basic necessities

Aleppo: Central Prison: Basel Khayat from Deir Ezzor and Yahya Dweiri from Aleppo were tortured to death after the sit-in that was staged two days ago. Detainees fear that the regime’s forces will storm their wing and commit a massacre

Damascus: Tdamoun: Reports about injuries among people amid fierce mortar shelling on the neighbourhood coincided with a series of huge explosions heard in the neighbourhood

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Fierce artillery shelling of the city

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: The fierce shelling by warplanes, heavy artillery and t rocket launchers continues for the seventh consecutive day, snipers are been deployed and they open fire at anything and everything that moves. The regime forces are conducting raid campaigns, in the process they break into houses, rob people‘s properties, and burn them before leaving. All this takes place amid a complete cessation of all necessities of normal life such as water, electricity, communication facilities and forceful closure of bakeries. There are more that 25 martyrs in the city since the military campaign started and the number of wounded people has reach 300 cases who are treated in the Field Hospitals amid acute shortage of the simplest of the medical equipment, medical aids and medicines

The Funeral Of Martyr Kamal Alhmid In Sanamein In Daraa

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Child Martyr Israa Al-Hajj Ali

Wounded in Indiscriminate Shelling in The Neighborhood of Alsakhur, Aleppo

Shelling in Hirak, Daraa

Tank Shelling in Zabadany

Warplane Shelling in the Al-Sakhour District in Aleppo

Demonstration in the Gharaf District in Lattakia

Warplanes Shell Aleppo

Evening Demonstration in Hamouria in Damascus Suburbs

Evening Demonstration in Al Habit in Idlib

Evening Demonstration in Hameh in Damascus Suburbs

The Funeral of the Martyr Khaled Yassin in Maar Des in Hama

An Evening Demonstration in Salamiyeh, Chanting for Disaster-Stricken Cities

Wounded People Due to Shelling of Bwaida Sharqeya in Homs

Shelling the City of Aleppo by Warplanes

Aftermath of the Shelling of Sabeina, Damascus Suburbs

Nael Kilany and Yousef Abdulrahman, Two Martyrs in Qesa, Damascus Suburbs

Houses and shops are demolished in Qaboun by the government workers backed up by regime security forces

One of the Wounded Due to the Shelling of Hteitet Turkman , Damascus Suburbs

Shelling Deir Ezzor by Warplanes

Random shelling on Bab city in Aleppo

Lattakia: Salma: Salma mosque has been targeted and and shelled by rockets

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