Syria Today 27-7-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria

The number of martyrs of Syria until the moment has risen up to 100
including 30 martyrs in Daraa ,23 martyr in Damascus and its
Suburbs,15 martyr in Aleppo,11 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 10 martyrs in
Homs,5 martyrs in Idlib,3 martyrs in Hama, 2 martyrs in Lattakia,and
one martyr in Raqqa

Breaking: Damascus: Mazzeh: Heavy Helicopter Flight over the City Since the Early Morning

Daraa: Intense artillery and mortar shelling by army forces of Mukhayam neighborhood

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Non-stop shelling of the city since the morning with artillery from the regime’s army stationed in Wadi Dayf

Daraa: The regime’s army shells the neighborhoods of Yarmouk, Joura and Arbaeen with mortars in Daraa Balad

Deir Ezzor: The regime’s army shells Baajeen neighborhood with many mortar shells

Aleppo: Helicopters of the regime’s army continue to shell Hamdaniyeh and Salah Addine neighborhoods

Deir Ezzor: Intense shelling continues by regime army forces of Hamayda, Aarde and Sheikh Yaseen neighborhoods

Homs: Rastan: A large number of wounded were reported as a result of the heavy artillery and missile shelling. In addition, a choking siege has been imposed on the city and all life-sustaining products and services such as water, bread, children’s milk, and electricity have been cut off. There is a severe shortage of medical and first-aid supplies

Aleppo: Fierce shelling from missiles, automatic weapons, and attack helicopters was reported in the Salaheddine district

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army on the main street are reported

Homs: Tadmor: Regime forces encircled all mosques in the city to prevent the start of demonstrations

Damascus Suburbs: Kanaker: Security forces and members of the regime’s 112th Battalion are widely deployed in the city to prevent demonstrations; electricty has been cut off in the area

Lattakia: Banyas: Large numbers of security forces and shabiha have encircled mosques in the city to prevent demonstrations

Daraa: Eastern Karak: Heavy shelling from a variety of weapons is reported in the city

Daraa: Eastern Karak: Heavy shelling from a variety of weapons is reported in the city

Aleppo: Regime forces fired at protesters coming out of the Al-Ghafran Mosque in the Khaldieh district

Homs: Houla: A woman was injured when a regime sniper shot her as he was trying to disperse a demonstration in which protesters were chanting to overthrow the regime

Lattakia: Regime forces are using rocket launchers and artillery in the direction of Jabal Al-Akrad from the Qasab overpass, Zawayer, and Inbateh and the broadcast station in Salnafeh. This is accompanied by heavy gunfire directed at the villages

Damascus: Qadam: Security forces have deployed widely and residents are fleeign the area. Regime forces are preventing worshipers from praying at most area mosques

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: Regime forces have surrounded worshipers in the Al-Mousala Mosque

Deir Ezzor: Continuous intense shelling of the Jbeileh, Nazlet Shohadaa and Baajeen neighborhoods was reported

Daraa: The Free Syrian Army gains control over the camp’s police station

Deir Ezzor: Intense artillery shelling of the city with the artillery system that is located in Badieh was reported. A shell fell on the

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: The intense artillery shelling of the city was continued from the direction of the market

Idlib: Habeet: Tanks and missile launchers are intensely shelling the farms alongside the city while explosions that are heard

Qoneitra: Intense gunfire was reported from the vicinity of Khan Arnabeh

Lattakia: Continued fierce shelling with rockets by launchers stationed in the Qasap Observatory on the villages of Jabal (mountain)

Hama: Latamna: Fall of many martyrs and wounded was reported due to fierce shelling in the city

Damascus Suburbs: Moaudamyet Al-Sham: Warplanes are fiercely shelling the city

Demonstration in Bab Qabli, Hama

Aftermath of Shelling in the Jbeileh Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor

Martyr Mohammad Kamel Hassoun in the Khaldieh Neighborhood, Homs

Demonstration in Tal, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in the Grand Mosque in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Malaab, Homs

Demonstration at the Funeral of Martyrs of the Shelling in Daeel, Daraa

Effects of Indiscriminate Shelling in Yalda, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Kafarzita, Hama

Demonstration in Abzamo, Aleppo

Demonstration in Ras Al-Ain, Hasakeh

Demonstration in Tafas, Daraa

Demonstration in Shaghour, Damascus

Demonstration in Mleiha, Damascus Suburbs

Demonstration in Binnish, Idlib

Demonstration in Yaboudeh, Daraa

Demonstration in Rakaya, Idlib

Demonstration in Arbaeen, Hama

Demonstration in Basheerieh, Idlib

Demonstration in Ghadqeh, Idlib

Demonstration in Kastan, Jissr Al-Shoghour

Demonstration in Zahabieh Mosque in Qaber Atika, Damascus

Martyrs who Fell from the Shelling of the Refugee Camp in Daraa

Demonstration in Motaieh, Daraa

Daraa: Effects of Missile Attacks on Hirak

Homs: The Moment Shells Landed on Homes in Baba Amr and Sultanieh

Idlib: Martyr Abdel Alim Al-Harami in Maaret Al-Nouman

Deir Ezzor: Louai Adel was Martyred in Shelling by the Regime’s Army of Mayadeen

Hama: Burning of Homes in the Village of Zaka

Homs: A Street in Joorat Al-Shayah

Demonstration in Eastern Mleiha, Daraa

Demonstration in the Waer Neighborhood, Homs

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