Today we commemorate the three months of sacrifice and bravery by Syrian citizens during the Syrian uprising

During the whole day today we will update this map – showing places of confirmed demonstrations in Syria.

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The blue dots mark demonstrations.
The red dots mark places where people have been killed today.

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Background for this Friday:
Today we commemorate the three months of sacrifice and bravery by Syrian citizens during the Syrian uprising. In these three months, more than 1,400 have sacrificed their lives to demand a just and free country, after 45 years of injustice.

Local coordinating committees released vision for a peaceful transition to a pluralistic democracy and are gathering support around this initiative. “The new Syria will be a republic and a civil state that belongs to all Syrians, and not to an individual, family or party. It will not be inherited from fathers to sons. All Syrians will be equal in rights and duties without discrimination.” (complete statement:

Local coordinating committees released a statement on Thursday condemning the regime’s attempts to stir sectarian tensions. “Syrians have shown an unprecedented degree of awareness towards national unity and solidarity among people coming from different cities and towns or belonging to different religious or ethnic backgrounds. Syrians have also shown a high degree of discipline by maintaining the pace of protests while maintaining the peaceful nature of their struggle towards a civil free and democratic Syria.” (complete statement here:

Residents in Douma issued a statement of civil disobedience demanding that security leave Douma and that political prisoners be released (statement: They are calling for a general strike on Saturday (statement:

Human rights activists continue to try to document events in Jisr al Shughour. LCC Syria released an interview with a young man from Jisr al Shughour

Syrian government continues insincere “offerings,” as citizens waiting on the Syrian side of the Turkish border were invited by the Syrian government to return to their villages, and then when citizens started to return, the young men in the returning groups were arrested.

Protests are sustained throughout the week in many towns and cities, with 10 to 20 protests each night across the country. People demonstrate national unity by chanting in solidarity with the people of Jisr al-Shughour.

Ahead of Friday protests, the military has heavy presence in Rastan with checkpoints, arrests and a continuation of the 8PM curfew. Checkpoints are also in place in Douma. There were reports of tanks and heavy shooting in Homs this evening, as residents attempted to bring the soldiers food. The army was moving toward the center of Da’el, Daraa late Thursday night.

Residents continue to reach out to the Army. In Deir Azzour and Homs, residents attempted to bring food to the soldiers and to ask that the protests be allowed to continue peacefully.

We ask international relief agencies to provide adequate supplies to refugees on both sides of the border.

We ask the Arab League to take definitive action against the Syrian regime in light of the ongoing human rights abuses.

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Videos and Footages:
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