61 Martyrs 17-2-2012

Local Coordination Committees in Syria
The number of today’s martyrs has risen to 61 now, among them three children and 12 soldiers who were publicly executed in Daraa. 16 martyrs fell in Daraa (Jassem, Hara), 17 fell in Homs, 6 fell in Mazzeh in Damascus, 5 martyrs fell in Deir Ezzor, 6 fell in Aleppo, 3 in Hama,4 in each of Idlib and Damascus Suburbs (Yabroud, Artouz,Douma)

Mr. Fayez Ghazy (Abzamo Village) was martyred due to sustained injuries by security forces three days ago. He was shot along with his daughter while working as a taxi-driver when the regime’s army stormed the town and fired randomly. His daughter is receiving medical treatment in a hospital. Mr. Ghazy’s death brings the number of martyrs in the Atareb massacre to ten.

Busr Al-Harir
Security and military forces besiege the town that is witnessing electrical cut-off while intense fire from heavy weaponry is heard all over the town

Jabal Al-Zawiya
Aaref Jamal Al-Asi, mute young man, and dozens were injured by security forces who raided the Ma’arata town amid sporadic intense shooting

Dier Ezzor: Night Demo in Miaden

A Demo in Saida Zainab in Damascus Suburb today

Dier Ezzor: Miadeen: Security forces and army heavy deployment

Damascus Suburb: Qara’s Demo

Heavy Shooting in Busr Harir in Daraa

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