Syria 4-3-2012

Local Coordination Committee:
Sunday has ended with 62 martyrs fallen in Syria including 7 children, 3 women and 1 martyr who was tortured to death. The distributions are as follows: 17 martyrs in Homs (6 of whom were executed at the field in Baba Amr neighbourhood); 18 martyrs in Hama (including 13 died in the workers massacre in the area of Har Benafsah); 12 martyrs in Damascus Suburbs (including 8 who were killed in the town of Madaya); 4 martyrs in Daraa, 5 martyrs in Idlib, 2 martyrs in each of Damascus and Aleppo, and one martyr in each of Banyas and Deir Ezzor.Idlib: Military air-craft are flying over Khan Shiekhoun and the town of HabeetHama: Tayyebet Al-Imam: Several explosions are heard in the town that is completely besieged by the regime’s army.

Daraa: Tafas: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army in the city after several soldiers defected. A colonel of the regime’s army was killed.

Idlib: Violent shelling on the city by the regime’s forces and has been ongoing for hours. It is mostly concentrated in the Northern (Shamali) neighborhood and the residents are fleeing from the shelling
Damascus Suburbs: Qudsaya: Intense shooting was heard in the Thawra (revolution) street Damascus: Defected recruit Muhannad Al-Mulla was martyred in Homs after he refused the orders to shoot. His funeral procession is tomorrow from the Shafeie Mosque in Mazzah neighborhood in Damascus

Banyas: Security forces executed a military Recurit on site while defecting at the Rahman checkpoint.

Daraa: Basr Al-Hareer: The regime’s forces deployed in the city are opening gunfire intesely to terrify the residents Damascus: Massive presence of security forces and Shabiha in complete gear in the neighborhood of Mazzeh and especially in the neighborhoods behind Razi Hospital

Damascus: Qaboon: Powerful explosions are heard in the area amid heavy gunfire.Hama: Five armored tanks are headed from Aleppo Road neighborhood toward al-Aassi square followed by heavy gunfire from Aleppo Road neighborhood. Cars loaded with security forces are passing on Hadder Street.
Damascus: Jobar: Approximately 200 security forces and shabiha are stationed at Aaloosh rest area. They detained, assaulted and harassed the passersbyDaraa: Tafes: Security forces detained 2 out of 6 defected soldiers that defected from the regime’s Postal Office checkpoint. They also launched house-to-house raids in search of the other four.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Reports on the regime’s intentions to raid the city similar to the pattern they used in Baba Amr and Rastan in an attempt to terminate the existence of the Free Syrian Army and insure the safety of an Iranian fleet loaded with military equipment and recruits which will arrive on April coming from Iraq and it will pass through Dumair city. The activists are warning the regime from committing massacres there and calling for the International Society to intervene and stop it

Homs: Security forces executed 6 youths on site, including four members of a single family from Baba Amr. They are Tarek Janseer, Mohammed Janseer, Abed al-basat Janseer, and Ismaaeel Kurdy al-Deiry. The Local Coordination Committees strongly condemns the systematic civilian executions committed by the regime since they raided Baba Amr. Dozens of youth have been executed reminiscent of the Hama Massacre thirty years ago.Banyas: Security forces executed a military Recurit on site while defecting at the Rahman checkpoint.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A sit-in for the people of the area in front of Haseeba Mosque asking for the body of the martyr Taleb Ruslan, who was kidnapped after his martyrdom on Friday of arming the Free Syrian army

Aleppo: The former preacher of Mosallah Mosque in the neighborhood of Kalaseh was arrested

Aleppo: A child was amrtyred in the explosion of Bustan al-Basha neighborhood as a result of a bomb placed inside a container near al-Mansoura School, and two others were injured, one of them got his hand amputated due to the explosionHoms: Rastan: Five children were martyred due to the indiscriminate shelling of the city. The martyrs are: Aya Ahmad Ayoub (1 year), Ibrahim Ahmad Ayoub (3 years), Mohammad Ayman Ayoub (10 years), Eman Mohammad Ayoub (14 years) and an unidentified child because of the mutilation caused to him. In addition to Mrs.Zubaydah Fadel Ayoub (30 years)Hama: Taybat al-Imam: Today, the twon will have the funeral of martyrs, Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Hajji, Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Al-Hajji, Mahmoud Jihad Razzouk and Abi Qannas who were martyred last Wednesday in the Zouar area west of the town as a result of indiscriminate shelling

Aleppo: Bistan Albasha: An explosion near al-Mansour School resulted in the fall of number of wounded including childrenDaraa: Daeel: Three tanks arrived to the checkpoints in the town amid intense shooting

Damascus Suburbs: Nabek: 45 tanks and vehicles (protecting the regime’s army) entered the center of the new soldiers gathering, and fears of a possible storming of the areaDaraa: Eastern Mleha: Security alert with movement of several armored vehicles in the town’s streetsDeir Ezzor: Campaign of raids and random arrests in Qusoor neighborhood

Aleppo University: A demonstration began at the Faculty of Agriculture; demonstrators chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and for the regime’s ouster

Aleppo University: Security forces fire tear gas canisters on a demonstration of students from the Faculty of Agriculture, which was joined by students from the Faculty of Dentistry

Hama: Hayaleen: The regime’s army stormed the town and wages a camplaign of raids and arbitrary arrests, families were displaced from the town of Karnaz after the arrival of masses of military personel to the town’s vicinity as they prepared to storm it

Hama: Jalmeh: Adnan Stoof Al-Muhaimid, 28, was martyred after security forces shot him as they invaded the town this moring

Homs: Hola: Afnan Maysera Bakour, 3, was martyred after being wounded by a random bullet two days ago in her hometown Tildo while she was playing in her house

Deir Ezzor: Hasan Al-Sayed Taha, 60, was martyred after being shot by security forces in his car as he drove to work, his daughter sustained a dangerous wound

Deir Ezzor: Students from the Industrial Institute began a demonstration and security forces and Shabiha intevened in order to desperse it

Daraa: West Mleiha: Intense siege of the city and a complete distruption of telecommunications amid an intense military deployment, deployment of dozens including children and theft and looting of commercial shops

Massive funeral for the first martyr Fathy Isqaty in Salqen,Idlib

Massive demo in Ghabagheb in Daraa

Idlib: Habeet: A morning demonstration

Aleppo University: A demonstration at the Faculty of Agriculture

Idlib: Kafr Nabil: Ayman Al-Qadoor was martyred after his house was shelled

Daraa: Inkhel: A morning demonstration demanded the release of detainees

Heavy shelling on random houses in Bab Todmour and Jeb Jendaly in Homs

unidentified female martyr in Rastan

One of the injured people due to the random shelling on Lattamneh town in Hama

Massive funeral for the first martyr Fathy Isqaty in Salqen,Idlib

Student’s demo in Qaboun,Damascus

Funeral of the martyr Ayman Qadour in Kafranbel in Idlib

General Strike in Assaly,Damascus

Funeral of the martyr Ibrahim Sekar in Bab,Aleppo

An Unidentified Martyr in Khaldieh Neighborhood Who Was Killed at the National Hospital in Homs

One of the injured people due to the random shelling on Lattamneh town in Hama

One of the most painful scenes since the onset of the Revolution” The father of the child, Ahmed Ayoub, holds the remains of his son” Rastan, Homs.

Night demo in Douma

Night demo in Thayabieh in Damascus Suburbs

Night demo in Jobar,Damscus

Night demo in Shaikh Fares neighborhood in Aleppo

Night demo in Sarjeh market in Damascus demanding the world to support the FSA

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